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10 Reasons Why to Invest in China?

Why would you invest in China? A country you've only known to produce cheap and low quality commodities, has low wages, is polluted, and is far as hell from everything you know?

I'll tell you why.

1- China is moving from a copy-paste Industrial economy to a leading innovative economy. How are they doing that? By attracting entrepreneurs and innovative projects from all around the world and facilitating their entry and stay in China. Whether it's through an entrepreneurial ecosystem, providing funds and grants for innovative projects, or as simple as minimizing the tax burden for startups and newcomers. Yup, less taxes to be paid in 2019.

2- China is working on improving its environment, by minimizing carbon footprint of businesses, cars, and so. How are they doing this? Public transportation is shifting to electrical, electric cars are more encouraged to be purchased by reducing registration and licensing expenses, and so on. Also, fireworks have been banned, except from specific cities, to minimize their environmental impact (public shows), personal events can still have their fireworks shows. Major cities like Shanghai are shifting from using plastic bags in their food delivery, to using more eco friendly solutions. List goes on and on.

3- China is building sustainable and innovative Cities around the country. That is, redistributing human resources from major cities like Shanghai and Beijing and giving them more opportunities to live in less crowded and less competitive cities.

4- China is becoming a LEADING economy, if not already became.

5- Chinese people have become very open to new experiences and are so welcoming to foreigners, at least in the smaller cities. You will see them taking photos of you, or with you, all the time. Just speaking a little Chinese will make them love you even more.

6- Upper-Middle class in China is growing DRASTICALLY, and thus is their purchasing power. Hence, purchasing behavior of Chinese is changing as well, and they are spending more money on consumables, fashion, cars, houses, and so. They also became a coffee-drinking nation. Imagine? From tea-drinking (which is still very popular and important in the culture), to drinking lattes and mochas in the morning, afternoon, and even evening.

7- Due to the fact that they have changed behavior, international brands such as Starbucks is experiencing a massive growth in Chinese market. You never walk into any Starbucks branch in China and find it empty. AND, Starbucks is opening a new branch in China every 15 HOURS!

8- Starting up a company does not require too much effort, nor too much investment, nor too much time. A lot of paper work, of course, but once all papers are ready. You'r good to go!

9- Expat community is growing exponentially in China as it's becoming an attractive job-hunting location. Especially young professionals are who seeking a new challenge, a new adventure, or like me, believe that China is the future.

10- China is THE future.

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